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Global Osho day of meditation – Nov 7

Every month OSHO International Online shares a day of OSHO Active Meditations and other Osho meditations. This month it takes place on November 7, from 05:30am until well past midnight. You can take part in all of the meditations or pick and choose the ones you connect with and what is great is that it is set to your local time. All for only €20.

It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Osho lovers to celebrate, dance, and experience these powerful meditations in a group setting. I find these a wonderful way of connecting with the Osho community.

Osho says about meditation today that:

Requirements have changed for this age. In the world of the bullock cart everything moved slowly, so also meditation moved at a slow pace. Now is the jet age; now meditation cannot afford to be slow. It has to pick up speed.


These are definitely meditations for the jet age, so jump on board and bring your totality on November 7 to experience your inner self in a unique way.

05:30Doors open
06:00OSHO Dynamic Meditation®Vatayana, Charna
07:45OSHO Gibberish Meditation®Sadhana
09:00OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation®Sadhana
10:45OSHO No-Dimension Meditation®Charna
12:30Dance Celebration with Celebrating SannyasKhalid, Sudheer
14:00Short OSHO Meditations for Everyday Life®Vatayana
15:30OSHO Kundalini Meditation®
17:40OSHO Evening Meeting®
19:30OSHO: Book of Secrets, MeditationsAnand
20:45OSHO Laughter Meditation®Asmita
22:15OSHO Gibberish Meditation®Sneha
23:15OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation®Suheiwa
00:45OSHO Devavani Meditation®Asmita

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