About Osho Ireland

Osho Ireland normally share OSHO Active meditations including OSHO Dynamic meditation usually on the first Saturday of every month as well as longer weekend retreats from time to time.

These transformative meditations, created by Osho and designed for our fast paced modern life, use an activity first before falling into silence. If you struggle with sitting silently as a meditation then join us to experience these unique meditations and encounter your inner self. Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome to come along.  You can book via our meetup group, facebook page or by emailing us at oshoireland@gmail.com

Dates for 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all meditations are on hold for the foreseeable future. In the meantime why not download our free Mini Meditation Pack to use at home during these uncertain times.

I am glad to share that from 30 March until 5 April, I will share OSHO Nadabrahma meditation via zoom at 6pm GMT /7PM CET to help us get through this lock down period.

This beautiful one hour meditation has three parts. First we will hum for 30 minutes. Humming is beneficial for the throat and larynx. 
The second stage is in 2 parts, first we give energy to existence and then we receive energy from existence. In the final stage we sit in silence.
This is a seated meditation for the entire hour and it is supported by music specially designed for this meditation.
At 6pm I will share the instructions as given by Osho, and then we will experience the meditation itself. This meditation is ideal for beginners or experienced meditators. If you need a break from the fear, panic and stress of this pandemic, join me and drop into this beautiful meditation via Zoom. You can get a taster of it here.
There are two rates for this meditation. For those on a low income it is €25 for the seven days (pls pay here ) and the full rate is €55 for the seven days (pls pay here ). You receive 7 hours of meditation for either €25 or €55.
If you cannot make all seven days that is okay too, feel free to register for some of them and we can come to an arrangement for payment.



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