About Osho Ireland

Hello, my name is Anand. I am the founder of Osho Ireland where I share OSHO Active meditations, as well as Osho’s other meditations and his teachings. I run a small registered Osho Information Centre based in Co Clare, Ireland, and have some lovely in-person and online events scheduled. You can check out the schedule to see what is coming up.  On the Osho Ireland YouTube channel, I’ve launched a new series of meditations by Osho for work and life and you can explore the 112 meditations from the Osho Book of Secrets. If you want to be added to my mailing list drop me a note at oshoireland@gmail.com.  I am a certified OSHO Active Meditation and OSHO No Mind facilitator from the OSHO International Foundation.

3 thoughts on “About Osho Ireland”

    1. Hi Gitana, at the moment Osho Ireland has not been running in person meditations in Dublin but as things are opening up again I am exploring options and a space to rent. If you would like to be added to the Osho Ireland mailing list, you can email me at oshoireland@gmail.com and I can add you to it. I will also make announcements here on the website too.


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