A painting of a cherry tree and a snail by Anand H Quinn
Meditation event, Zen stories

The snail and the cherry tree

I came across this beautiful story in the Osho Book of secrets and it inspired me to paint a representation of it as the featured image and share the story itself here with you.

I love collecting zen stories, parables, and other simple stories that reach my heart and spirit in a way that spiritual talks don’t.

One windy morning, just as the spring was ending, a snail started traveling upwards on a cherry tree. Some sparrows which were just on a neighboring oak started laughing because it was not the season and there were no cherries on the tree, and this poor snail was making so much effort to reach the top. They laughed at her expense.

Then one sparrow flew down, came near to the snail and said, “Darling, where are you going? There are no cherries yet on the tree.”

But the snail never even paused, she continued her upward journey. Without pausing, the snail said, “But they will be there when I reach. They will be there when I reach there. It will take a long time for me to reach to the top, and by that time cherries will be there.”

Every Sunday I share a meditation from the Osho Book of Secrets at 11am on Facebook Live or you can access them on YouTube.

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