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Spring into Mondays with work/life meditations from Osho

Starting March 12, every Monday I will be sharing a new meditation technique from Osho on my YouTube channel that is for work and life.

I love that Osho talks repeatedly about meditation in the marketplace. It is easier for us to lock ourselves away in a monastery, but when faced with competing demands of work and life, how aware can we be? It is a challenge for sure but one worth hammering away at.

When I saw the book Meditation Inc. 144 Techniques to Transform the Quality of Your Work and Life, I bought it in a heartbeat. It is packed with grounded everyday techniques to help us navigate meditation in the marketplace.

To deepen my own experience of these I have decided to try one technique a week for seven days and share the meditation on the Osho Ireland YouTube channel, so if you want to spring into Mondays, subscribe and see which one works best for you.

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