Meditation event, OSHO Active Meditation

All day OSHO Active Meditations online – February 5

Have you ever heard of OSHO Active meditations? They are techniques that use an activity first before moving into silence.

Osho created these active meditations specifically for the modern person as a gateway into meditation and awareness.

What I really like about these live online meditation days is I feel connected with other meditators around the world, I get a taste of the wide range of OSHO Active meditations in one day and I discover new elements within my inner world. The price is great too. All this for 20 euros.

Curious to explore them? Join me and a wonderful community of meditators online this Sunday on February 5.

If you can’t make it this Sunday, OSHO Online hold these events on the 1st Sunday of every month. If you want to be added to my mailing list drop me a note at

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