Meditation programmes for the workplace

Would you like to offer an online meditation programme with a difference to your employees as part of your workplace wellness programme?

If yes then consider OSHO Active Meditations.

I can offer your business either the OSHO Active structured programme below over 4 evenings or early mornings or the lunchtime meditation programme of six meditation techniques from the Osho Book of Secrets lasting 15 minutes each. These are offered via zoom.

The OSHO Active meditations start with activity first which makes the subsequent silent stage easier. These unique meditations work the body, mind and spirit. I can offer your employees a programme of one hour meditations such as:

  • OSHO Kundalini – shaking and dancing followed by silence
  • OSHO Nadabrahma – humming and hand movements followed by silence
  • OSHO Mandala – running on the spot, waist and eye movements followed by silence
  • OSHO Nataraj – dancing followed by silence

Or the shorter meditation programmes either over lunch or early in the morning.

I bring several years experience as a qualified OSHO Active Meditation facilitator, I run the Ibec lunchtime meditation since 2014 and I have a keen understanding of workplace wellness developed through my HR advisory role with the Small Firms Association and Ibec. To get a visual taste of what I offer go to the Osho Ireland YouTube channel here.

To explore more about these meditations and how they can benefit your employees and your workplace, contact me at or  on

Anand Helen